When Magics Meet Video

Alchemists must earn their pistols from the Alchemy Guild.

The secrets of powders and the use of these weapons
are closely guarded by the Guild. Many of these devices are rigged
with traps that could explode if they ever fall into the wrong hands.

She sees the great herds of horses roaming through
the grasslands while the Hebelcaan tribesmen
race after the strays.

When Magics Meet

When a baby arrives, every young couple faces new challenges as their relationship is redefined from a couple to a family. Armed with his science and the love for his wife, a young alchemist could care less about magic versus magic. What good is an arquebus against the forces of the True Ones and demonic creatures? Science is evolving and is not yet the law. Magic, alchemy, and love mix into one story about a young family and the challenging world around them. Not everyone can survive and nothing can remain the same.

Jeffrey C. Dillow
When Magics Meet